3 Things To Remember When Looking For Up-And-Coming Property Suburbs In Melbourne


If you're a keen property investor, some Melbourne suburbs are likely to deliver a much bigger return on your investment in others. For example, in 2013, the suburb of Kingsbury outstripped the competition to deliver recorded growth of 30.2 percent. Of course, after the event, it's easy to spot the places where you might make a return, but it's also generally too late by then, too. So what should you consider when trying to spot the next big investment?

31 March 2016

5 Small Business Exit Strategy Errors You Must Avoid


Small business owners generally devote a large part of their attention on development and growth plans. As an idea takes off, it's logical to focus all your energy on increased turnover, but you also need to think about what happens next. A robust business exit plan sets out the options available to you when you decide to get rid of your business and move on to something new, but a flaw in your plan could cost you a lot of cash in the long run.

6 May 2015