Are You Always Responsible for Maintenance at Your New Condo?


Have you just moved into a condominium after downsizing from your older property? If so, you may be getting used to living in close proximity to your neighbours and trying to understand how everything is put together from a management point of view. As you are unravelling all of this complexity, you may have noticed an issue with the exhaust fan on the ceiling of your kitchen. But before you make plans to fix this issue, ask yourself the question: is it actually your responsibility?

How Everything Is Managed

As you may know, this type of building falls under strata regulations and is usually managed by a company appointed by the owners corporation. There are a variety of individual units just like yours which are owned by the people who have purchased or may rent them, but the other areas are in common ownership.

Yes or No?

This does give rise to some grey areas, however, especially when it comes to party walls, ceilings or floors, where these adjoin other units or public areas. Usually, the public areas and the outside of the individually-owned properties will be the responsibility of the management company, while anything that is inside will be yours.

Glad You Asked

Looking at the ceiling, it's likely that the management company has to perform any repairs that are on top of it or any component that actually feeds through the ceiling and down into your condo. Therefore, it's likely that the management company will take care of your faulty fan, as it is not wholly contained within the unit.

What about Water Pipes?

With that out of the way, you may wonder what would happen in the event of a water leak. After all, there are a variety of pipes in between the unit upstairs and yours, but they flow into and out of individual condominiums. Much will depend on where the actual problem originates and, essentially, the location of the blockage. Usually, the owners corporation will take charge of any major issues like this, should they occur.

Reading the Fine Print

It pays to read the regulations carefully and understand what responsibilities you will have and where your boundaries lie. Always remember, you are a member of the board when it comes to the overall maintenance and management of the property and have voting rights at special meetings.

If you fully understand all the parameters, then you shouldn't run into any confusion and should be able to enjoy your new style of living to its maximum.


12 October 2018

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