Tips When Buying Repossessed Property


Many people may be so attracted by the affordable cost of buying repossessed property that they may not take all the precautions that a property buyer needs to take. Such people can end up making mistakes that can later cause them to incur a lot of costs. This article discusses some tips that you should implement in order to avoid the issues that less careful buyers of repossessed properties deal with later.

Visit the Property

Mortgage lenders usually wish to sell off a repossessed property as quickly as they can so that they can recover what is owed to them. Some of those lenders may therefore ask potential buyers to make a buying decision based on the descriptions and photos that they provide. However, you should never rely on those descriptions and photos to make a buying decision. Visit the property so that you can assess its condition on your own. You will then be able to judge whether that property is appealing to you or not.

Get an Independent Valuation

Much as repossessed properties usually seem to be attractively priced, you should never buy such a property until you have instituted an independent valuation of that property. That valuation report will confirm whether or not the mortgage lender is pricing the property at its fair market price. In this way, you will be able to decide whether the property is worth buying at that point in time.

Find Out About Overdue Charges

It is also important for you to find out whether the property has any outstanding dues that have to be cleared. This is particularly necessary in case the property is a leasehold property or a strata property. Ask the mortgage lender to settle those outstanding costs so that you are not compelled to pay those fees once you take possession of the property.

Conduct a Search

Repossessed properties usually have title documents that are in order. This is because the lender investigated those papers before giving the buyer a loan. However, some other aspects of the home, such as permits for any modifications, need to be investigated. It is therefore important to perform all the recommended searches before you buy that property.

The best way to ensure that you have got a good deal when you buy a repossessed property is to hire a conveyancing professional. That expert will examine the auction documents and perform any other necessary research on the property before giving you advice that will enable you to make an informed decision regarding your desire to buy that property.


10 July 2017

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